Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pictures and Computer Issues

Once again, I've been spending my week working on wedding pictures. Ugh.
I enjoy doing's just that they are soooooo time consuming and I don't usually get to see the light of day because I'm stuck staring at the computer screen.
On a good note, the proof books for Jodi and Billy's wedding came in and I am really pleased with the results! The UPS truck also came today and Mandy and Brandon's Coffee Table book/album arrived. I LOVE IT!!! I really hope they all enjoy their images.

I took a little break and processed some personal pictures for myself and for the contests over at I am really enjoying the new actions and use them every chance I get.

It's also nice to get wonderful results with very little processing.And I'm throwing an extra in because it's of one of my favorite barns.Now to the troubling part.....My stupid Dell computer is misbehaving and is sitting in the repair shop once again . I've commandeered my husbands little Toshiba am giving it a work out. I doubt I will be able to work on any wedding pictures because the screen quality just isn't very good at all. Hopefully the repair is minor and I will be up and going again by next week. This just puts me further and further behind again.