Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week 42 - Old Farming Traditions (Oct 21)

I just love the gum bichromate action and rural scenes are the perfect subject matter. Put the two together and bam - a real beauty.

Week 41 - Old Backyard Barn (Oct 14)

This old barn sits right outside my classroom window. Sometimes you can see the barn cat sitting on the roof near the big hole towards the front - she had three little kittens up there with her one time. She must be a psychic kitty - every time I see her and go get the camera, she crawls back in the barn. One of these days the moons will align and I will get a wonderful photograph of her perched on that roof!

Week 40 - Old Farm (Oct 7)

Another beautiful barn. I pass this one when I travel the back roads to my parents house. I've discovered a new action in photoshop that will helps give character to an image. I love it! It will probably be used very often.

Week 39 - Old Tractor Emblem (Sept 30)

I don't know what it stands for, but it makes for a good picture. Lots of old beauties still sitting around on the Yantis family farm. I thought some details might be a good change of pace. The black/white really gives the hood a little more character.

Week 38 - Old Funny Car (Sept 23)