Sunday, July 1, 2007

Week 26 - Old Storage Barn (July 1)

Another barn again. This one is used to store equipment in the summer. It sits empty most winters and looks very lonely sitting out in there alone in the cold and snow. I love when the spring comes and it becomes useful once again.

Week 25 - Old Teal Farm Truck (June 24)

Yet another farm truck.

Most of the vehicles on the Yantis family farm still run. They are no longer used to work the fields or roads, but they were very well kept by the family and still have life in them. They serve as markers in time and represent different stages in the families history. They represent the struggles and hardships as well as the good times and celebrations. I can't imaging going to the farm and not seeing these magnificent machines.

Week 24 - Old Chinese Roofing Tiles (June 17)

Many of the old buildings in China have beautiful tiles that serve as their roofing shingles. I found them to be very intriguing and just simply beautiful. A great deal of them are very ornate and add to the magnificence of the buildings they cover. I once again used the Lucis Art filter - it help ed bring out the details on the tiles.

Week 23 - Old Factory Machine (June 10)

Another picture taken while on my visit to China. We toured a silk factory and this was part of the temperature gauge on one of the machines that separated the silk strands from the little cocoons. I use the Lucis Art filter to help take away some of the ugliness of the machine.

Week 22 - Old Rusty Lock (June 3)

The lock probably isn't that old, but rust has given it that aged look. I took this shot while I was visiting China in June. We toured many historical sites and I found some wonderful hardware in the most unusual places. This was one was just hanging on a post in the middle of a very wide walk way with a small little concrete pillar next to it. The closest actual building was about 100 feet away??? I'm not quite sure what the pole and lock (or the small pillar) were used for? It sure made for a interesting picture though!

Week 21- Old Tractor Parts (May 27)

Ok - honestly - I'm not really sure what this is used for on the tractor. I am guessing air converter or smoke stack? Just shows my ignorance..... sorry. It still made for a fun picture. Once again, it is from some equipment on the Yantis family farm.

Week 20 - Old Rusty Chain (May 20)

This rusty chain is from an old farm truck on the Yantis family farm. It was taken a while back, I just never got around to processing and posting it. I'm not sure what it was actually used for on the vehicle??? but it created for an interesting image.