Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 6 - Old Cash Register Keys (Feb 11)

My husband and I use to go to an auction place in a small town not far from where we live. We loved it - tones of old junk (and interesting old people). If you went on the right Sunday, you could get some really cool old stuff at great prices. We would come home with the most useless junk and usually had no place to put any of it. Many of the items found their way to my classroom and have served as still life subject matter for my drawing and painting students. For some reason, my husband thought we really needed this old cash register - no one was bidding on it - and it needed a good home. Well, for only $2.00 I added yet another item to my still life collection. It actually is a neat piece and my students love to mess around with it. The place shut down not too long ago and we just haven't had been able to find another regular auction site we like as much as the Bement Auction House.

Week 5 - Old Bones (Feb 4)

I'm a little late posting this, but at least it's getting done!! This is some sort of animal bones - I couldn't tell you what kind of creature or even how old, but it made for a good picture. My fellow teacher is a favorite among the students at OVHS and she is always receiving all kinds of interesting things to add to her classroom. This skull was one of those interesting gifts.