Thursday, December 20, 2007

Week 52 - Old Barn (Dec 30)

What a shocker - another barn! I had to end this with a shot of my favorite subject matter.

Finally, this thing is finished and I don't plan on continuing with it in was a little more difficult to keep up with than I originally thought.

All's well that ends well. Happy New Year and have a great 2008.

Week 51- Old Mailbox (Dec 23)

I drive by this mailbox on my way into town. It's not at a very good location - a curve and blind road - so I've never actually stopped to take a picture even though I've thought of it a billion times. The other day I finally got brave and stopped to take a picture of it - granted it was really early and I knew the road would be practically deserted.

Week 50 - Old ish (Dec 16)

Ok - not actually an old photo, but a modern one made to look old. These two were cheesing it up in a photo booth we made in my classroom. They are working on a project for the yearbook and I just took it one step further by adding a tad bit of age.

I had to play too!

Week 49 - Old Transportation (Dec 9)

The idea is old, this particular engine - probably not so much. Amazing to think that trains used to be the major form of transportation for stuff and people. I love trains.

Week 48 - Old Shoes (Dec 2)

These shoes have just about hit retirement age. They are part of my small theatre costume collection for our high school plays and musicals. I believe they have been used in about seven shows over the years. They have served us well, but are really starting to show their age. I think think the time has come for them to be put on a shelf in my classroom and serve only as subject matter for drawings/paintings and pictures.

Week 47 - Old Flower (Nov 25)

A simple dried flower still in the field. I was out shooting an engagement session a little while back, when I stumbled upon this little gem. We were out in the middle of a sunflower field on one of the hottest day of the summer and I just had to take a few minutes to capture some of the beauty around us. I have numerous lovely sunflower images, but this little wild flower stands out among the others. I also used it in a challenge on DPC (Rolling Stones Lyrics).

Week 46 - Old Camera (Nov 18)

Another image use for a contest on DPChallenge (Old). I found this jewel at an antique shop in a nearby town. I went looking for something 'old' for the challenge and was head over heals when the camera leaped out at me.....literally.....I knocked the it off the counter and just barley caught it before it hit the ground. Perfect find!

Week 45 - Old Typewriter Keys (Nov 11)

I use this in a DPChallenge contest (Half) back in September. I called it "The Middle Half". I specifically looked for something different for the challenge and wanted to shoot from a unique perspective. I was pleased with the result - I like this image.

Week 44 - Old Funny Car Details (Nov 4)

Close up detail of the Old Funny Car. I put a great deal of processing into this shot to help bring out the wonderful detail and character in the old girl.

Week 43 - Old Chicago River (Oct 28)

Lots of 'Old' in Chicago. Lots of new as well. It has the perfect mix. This was taken off of the bridge on Michigan Avenue. It is such a Beautiful city!