Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 34 - Old Traditions (Aug 26)

I have two for this week.
We visited a couple of Buddhist temples while on our visit to China and I came away with a new appreciation of an old faith (and some wonderful pictures). I was very interested in learning a few of the traditions and practices of the Buddhist faith. Very interesting and different from the Christian faith I was brought up believing. A wonderfully educational experience.

Week 33 - Old Chinese Villiage (Aug 19)

Another from my trip to China. We visited this old village that had a river running through the town. We boarded boats and took a river tour.
I felt like we had gone back in time - It was sooo different from any place I've ever been. Women were washing their cloths in the river water while others cleaned their mops and dishes at the next stairwell - in the river.
I felt out of place.....almost like I was intruding on these peoples lives. They, however, were use to tourists. It's how they survive. Us being there meant they would have some money.
An amazing and humbling experience.

Week 32 - Old Fellow (Aug12)

I went to visit the animals at our small local zoo before school started and was intrigued by the massiveness of this guy. His shell is amazing - it has wonderful texture and details.
We had a great time - he was the perfect model!