Monday, May 7, 2007

Week 18 - Another Old Barn (May 6)

I guess I should have made my theme Old Barns and Old Trucks. This is one of my favorite barns (a.... yeah, I have several). It sits next to the school and I can see it out of my windows in both of my classrooms. I love how it looks when the snow is falling - it's just beautiful.

This was done for the triptych challenge on DPC. It scored above a 6, which is always good - but better than a 6+ score was the number of comments. They are always a boost. I just love the ones that really give good, constructive criticism. They can open your eyes to things you overlooked.

I debated between color and black/white. The b/w just gave it a much more dramatic feel and really jumped out in the triptych frame.

I like this shot. And really like it in the frame. I almost posted it here without the divisions, but it didn't just look right. It felt like something was missing.

So here you go.......another contest entry and another barn.